Birch Plywood, Unfinished (Sheet Goods)

Birch plywood is an admired fine-grained wood. Birch is commonly used for home improvement projects, particularly cabinet making, desks, and shelves. It is also popularly used in making children’s toys (especially dollhouses), playground fixtures, and sports and musical equipment. Birch plywood does not have an intricate grain pattern, so it is often considered to be plain or even dull. However, birch does come with a nice smooth and pale finish, and this adds a touch of elegance to the wood and the finished product.
Size Qty
BIR20-PREMCORE BIRCH, C-2 White Premcore Plus 7 Ply 12mm x 4' x 8'
BIR24-PREMCORE BIRCH, C-2 White Premcore Plus 9 Ply
19mm x 48.5" x 96.5"
BIR28-NAF-VCK BIRCH, C-2, WPF Sap, Spliced Back, VCK 1/2" x 48.5" x 96.5"