Richlite Care & Maintenance

Routine Cleaning and Upkeep Richlite? surface is a durable, attractive material designed to stay beautiful for the lifetime of your kitchen, bath or office space. A simple wipe up with soap and warm water on a regular basis will maintain its beauty. Richlite's testing laboratory recommends that fabricators finish the surface with a non-oil-based sealant to provide a rich, polished finish that requires minimum care.

Removing Stains

Generally speaking, Richlite? resists stains quite well. As with most any material, there is a potential for some staining. With stubborn stains, try a non-abrasive household cleaner – Richlite? highly recommends SimpleGreen?* All-Purpose Cleaner because of its effectiveness and earth friendly ingredients.

Repairing Scratches & Burn Marks

Richlite? is extremely dense and durable. The material is resistant to scratches and burns but, like most surfaces, can potentially be damaged by cutting directly on the surface or setting a red-hot frying pan on the surface. Richlite recommends the use of cutting boards, hot pads and trivets to protect the surface from potential damage.
Before you decide to refinish your counter, please contact your dealer or fabricator who installed the counter for advice. In most cases, it is preferable if the installer refinishes the surface for you. Light scratch marks and burn marks can be refinished using a Scotch-Brite?* pad (#7447/ Red Color). It is important to note, the refinished area will noticeably lighten compared to the surrounding surface area. Richlite? is made of paper which, like wood, patinas – or darkens – over time, especially in the lighter colors. The area will eventually patina and match the remainder of the counter surrounding it. In order to avoid affecting one spot, lightly refinish the entire section of the counter.

General Precautions

Your countertop is stain resistant to most all kitchen related substances with the exception of some raw meat juice (such as liver), high-alkaline fruit or vegetables (such as papaya and red beet), and high-alkaline soaps (such as automatic dishwasher powder) when left in contact for a prolonged time. Additionally grout (which is a high alkaline product) will lighten darker-colored Richlite? counters and darken the lighter tones. Cover the surface with a protective sheet when you are installing tile around countertop area.

* SimpleGreen is a registered trademark of Sunshine Makers, Inc. and Scotch-Brite is a registered trademark of 3M Company.



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